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Hippocrates once said, “All disease begins in the gut,” and modern science is proving these words to be true. Many studies show digestive challenges are the root cause of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as autoimmune disorders, various skin challenges, and also have a profound impact on mental health. Good gut health is fundamental to our physical and mental well-being, yet digestive disorders are more prevalent than ever. We need to make proactive efforts to protect our digestive systems from damage caused by pervasive environmental toxins like glyphosate sprayed on non-organic crops, GMOs, heavy metals, bio-toxins like mold, and lifestyle factors like emotional and physical stress and poor sleep habits.
Of course, it’s impossible to entirely avoid the modern toxins and stressors that wreak havoc upon our guts. However, we can take steps to avoid known gut destructors and provide our bodies the tools to self-repair as needed. Following the Cellular Healing Diet, which avoids conventional grains, meats, sugars, and toxic vegetable oils, will go a long way in rebuilding gut health. Including naturally fermented foods, homemade bone broth, intermittent fasting, periodic True Cellular Detox™, and rotating high-quality probiotic supplements are also key strategies. In addition, incorporate the following gut-healing smoothies into your anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle to accelerate healing. Since smoothies are blended, they are easier to digest than solid food, and these recipes contain ingredients to restore a distressed gut in the most delicious way. Most of the smoothies include full-fat coconut milk and grass-fed gelatin and collagen powders, which support the healing and sealing of an inflamed, leaky gut (read more about leaky gut here). The good fat content of coconut milk, pure protein from gelatin and collagen, and tasty add-ins will satisfy taste buds, digest easily, and act as complete fuel for your brain and body. The recipes are free of most common allergens and refined sugar, and a bonus immune-boosting tea recipe is included as a gut soothing sipper. Let’s join together and raise our smoothie glasses to good gut health… Cheers!
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